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6th, August 2006

Hello friends!

I'm off to band camp for a week, so I'll be back ater noon on Saturday. 

Oh, and Kate, you have my permission to god-play Fred and Angelina while I'm gone, if needed.
I am not worried, Harry (0) I am with you

29th, July 2006

Hello all--

Early tomorrow morning, I'll be heading out to Washington/Maryland/New York. I'll be getting back Friday night and may or may not have internet access while I'm gone. Hotel wireless systems are sketchy these days. Anyway, I thought I'd let you all know in case my characters are needed. So, have a lovely week and I'll see you back next Saturday!

-Kate (Alicia/Oliver)
I am not worried, Harry (10) I am with you

13th, July 2006

[ mood | determined ]

Okay, guys, we need your help.
I need to know who wants to quit, who wants to scrap the game or their character completely. I realize not everyone voted in the poll, you can still do that, and discuss, but this is important too. It's okay if you're sick of it, just tell us.
IF you aren't sick of the game, this is where we really need your help. We need ideas, logical ideas that will make sense to carry out to keep the game running. Some people just want to restart a bit...go back to a previous point in time. We could start again from September 1, if you want.

Kim and I spent a long time devising a plan, the way we want the game to go, Horcrux-wise anyway. We know where it's going, and we've been trying to get things going in that direction for far too long. It's just that no one has taken up the challenge.

Finally, if this game is going to continue, like many seem to want it to, we are going to need a bigger variety of characters. Yes, that may mean dropping your OC, or minor character, even for a bit, and I'm sorry. Unless you can get some new blood in here (see either of us for help in advertising) we're going to need more teachers and bad guys, for example. Minor character #12 may not be as important as Snape, for example. Please consider this as well.

I am not worried, Harry (6) I am with you

Vote, please [Wednesday
12th, July 2006

[ mood | discontent ]

Okay. After some discussion in which neither Kim nor I were present, it was determined that a few players aren't interested in continuing the game anymore. They propose that we have a final thread in the community, some time in August, before people start going back to school, if that's what they do, and have a final Harry/Voldemort showdown at Hogwarts. Everyone will post there (if you want, I guess you don't have to) and then, after that, that's it.
What Kim and I propose, of course, is to keep the game going. Kim has promised to stop nudging for two weeks, giving all of you still interested in playing to potentially post.

So, we're putting it to a vote. Feel free to converse, comment, tell us your feelings, but be warned, if you start to criticize any player or mod, we will disable comments. I know some of you have hard or hurt feelings, but please try to control yourselves, okay?

Poll #768103 Game ending?

Should we continue the game or not?

Yes! I like playing, and I'm willing to be active and participate. Don't end it!
No, I'm bored and tired of playing. Lets have a final showdown and be done with it.
I am not worried, Harry (9) I am with you

12th, July 2006

Hello all, Tonks/Charlie-mun here.

I'm here to inform everyone that I am going on an RP break.
I am not worried, Harry (6) I am with you

A note from Becka [Tuesday
11th, July 2006

[ mood | sick ]

I received a message from Becka (Cayden/Cecily) this afternoon, and she told me that her computer is out of commission for the time being. She hasn't said about how long it'll take to fix, but I assume it could be a while. There are computers at the library some four miles from her place, but she doesn't have a car, so it's not really all that convenient.

So, until further notice, Becka's characters are on hold until her computer gets fixed.

I am not worried, Harry (4) I am with you

Tada [Wednesday
5th, July 2006

[ mood | cheerful ]

Okay, the Christmas party post is up. It'll probably be easier, if not as much fun, to do it in thread. So get posting, go crazy, enjoy the party. There are a few surprises planned, but do try to keep things civil.

I am not worried, Harry (0) I am with you

Tomorrow? [Wednesday
5th, July 2006

[ mood | hopeful ]

So, if you're up to date with the community, there's a Christmas party planned for tomorrow. I was hoping to be able to do it sometime in the evening in a chatroom. I don't get off work until 6:00 Mountain Time (that's 8:00 Eastern), and though it's all George's idea, feel free to start early! But I thought it might be cool to give us all a chance to have a group chat like we used to.

If we could get as many people to participate as possible, that would be totally awesome.

Or I could just put together a thread... what do you guys think? Would you be willing to do a chat, or would you rather a thread? Discuss!

I am not worried, Harry (5) I am with you

Dates and things [Saturday
1st, July 2006

[ mood | quixotic ]

Okay, since I doubt anyone's really keeping track, I'm going to let you all know that Christmas Day, in game, is on Thursday. This upcoming Thursday, the sixth of July.

Please, please, please, please, I can't stress this enough, pleeeeeeease try to be active by then. It would just be so awesome if we could have some sort of large Christmas celebration for our characters. And maybe activity will spur again?

Megg and I have been talking about this quite distressing lull in activity. Hopefully a solution will be reached soon. We have been advertising, with no luck, and a lot of your characters are being put back on the market due to your inactivity. Yes, I've been nudging a lot, and I will continue to do so until I see results.

I hate to be the evil rule-dictator, but if this game is going to survive to completion, it needs it. Also, there is a Horcrux-related post that has only one comment, and needs to be wrapped up.

Pleeeease get on it.

Sorry to be evil and stuff, but I love this game, and want it to work.

I am not worried, Harry (1) I am with you

Just a little change [Tuesday
27th, June 2006

[ mood | working ]

Due to the fact that not everyone always keeps everybody on their friends list, and that people don't always actually log in to view their characters friends page, I want to make a rule that there should be no friends-locked posts. It's just not fair to force people to login, or to have them left in the dark because not everyone keeps up with the friends lists.

If you forget that's okay, but please try to remember to make sure all posts are public. This goes for journals and community posts.

It's just easier on everyone.

I am not worried, Harry (0) I am with you

I'm goin' away [Sunday
25th, June 2006

I keep forgetting that this is coming up. I'm going to DC for 5 days this weekend. I'll be gone July 1-5th, chaperoning a youth group trip so...no laptop :(
And I'm taking ashesfor_trees with me, so there!
Anyway, Kim's still around, and, not like anything bad is going to happen, but she and Geoff both know how to reach me if you're in dire need of your other mod. But Kim should be able to handle it for the time being :)
That is all.

I am not worried, Harry (0) I am with you

another trip [Saturday
17th, June 2006

so, friends, I am off once again. This time to explore the magical and hopefully quite sandy Topsail Island. I'll be bringing a laptop because I am a pathetic little modern one and couldn't go a week without the darling keys at my fingers. Hopefully, I'll get some internet connection and can still be somewhat around, but, if not, I'll be back before you know it!
Or next Saturday.

have a wonderful week, everyone!

-kate (alicia)
I am not worried, Harry (0) I am with you

Userinfo [Tuesday
13th, June 2006

[ mood | accomplished ]

I just went through the cast list on the main community and changed some stuff around and removed some of our more important, yet inactive members.

Please check it over, see if you're still there, if you're not, give us a good reason why we should have kept you. If your character has been changed recently and it's not there, let us know and we'll fix it.

Check it

I am not worried, Harry (0) I am with you

You're all quite pleased about this [Tuesday
13th, June 2006

[ mood | busy ]

Rather than recount our wanderings and then posting pictures, you are all going to have to sit through an obnoxious slide show with amusing stories.

Luckily, the slideshow is behind the cut, and easily browsed at your own pace.

Unluckily, there are sixty-seven pictures. Dialup beware.

Will someone please get the lights?Collapse )

I am not worried, Harry (4) I am with you

Update [Sunday
11th, June 2006

[ mood | lazy ]

I've been terribly lazy, what with working now almost full time and dragging Megg around my hometown, but our old Ron is back, as far as I know, so I'm re-updating the friends list with his old screen name, and removing the one I took off.

Reminder, this list I provide is for you to copy into your account (instructions behind the cut) and it will add all your the friends for you.

Long live the kingCollapse )

I am not worried, Harry (0) I am with you

You're really happy I'm posting these. Trust me. [Saturday
10th, June 2006

[ mood | relaxed ]

Over the last couple days, there have been trips to Twin Falls (as described in Geoff's post) and a trip to the zoo, and up into the Boise Foothills.

Look at more pictures!

Not for the faint of bandwidth.Collapse )

I am not worried, Harry (1) I am with you

You all have to enjoy [Thursday
8th, June 2006

[ mood | giggly ]

Okay, so you're fearless and wonderful mods met for the first time yesterday, and then had a wonderful camp-out on my trampoline. Today, we went around Boise, and I have to post pictures. You want me to.

Look!Collapse )

I am not worried, Harry (0) I am with you

Look! [Saturday
3rd, June 2006

[ mood | accomplished ]

For the past few days, I've been working on a project. This project was to go through all the posts in thefinalhorcrux and tag them. I have tagged them all based on all the characters involved, and some posts have additional tags in relation to their subject and the plot of the game.

Not only is this a good reference, but with characters changing players faster than square-dancers, there needs to be a solid way of looking up information on a recycled character.

So here it is, the master list. The problem, though, is that when you click on one that has more than twenty, it only shows you the most recent twenty, and any before that are lost. The only way I know of to fix that is to make the community a sponsored+ (if that's possible) and change it so comment pages match the layout. Anybody have a problem with me trying this?

Keep in mind, also, that activity has decreased significantly. Please, everyone post. Just a little update. What's your character doing? Try to get some action going. We have given the next clue in the Horcrux chase, maybe you all could start working it out?

Also, I have temporally taken over Ron. I do not want him permanently, as I've had to put Luna on hiatus. So please, help us find a Ron. His journal, and it's all set up to hand over to a new player, is keep_the_king. I'm providing an updated friends list to help.

I think that's all.

Reminder, this list I provide is for you to copy into your account (instructions behind the cut) and it will add all your the friends for you.

This is why the Gryffindors all sing: Weasley is our King.Collapse )

I am not worried, Harry (3) I am with you

30th, May 2006

[ mood | cranky (but only slightly!) ]

Hi, Folks.
It's that time again. Time to purge the members who aren't active enough. Starting with Ron Weasley. Hillary, if you read this...we have to replace Ron. If you want to contest...let me know.

Our current Ron is too busy to keep up, which is understandable. So, here's the deal. Kim is going to set Luna aside for now, and take on Ron until we find someone else. Here's where you come in. Please, please, please, can you ask around and advertise around and let people know we're looking for a new Ron? Or...if you would like to play him, let us know.
I will warn you...I may be picky about the player. Mostly because I'm a mod and Hermione, and because I can. You like it.

Unless Kim is totally against this post (which she shouldn't be, since we talked about it this morning) then this is how things stand. Kim will make a new Ron journal when she gets home from work, and we will go from there.

I know I have been busy and less active (this silly thing called real life keeps getting in my way of playing!) but Kim and I are about to crack down on you all, and get things going again. It's summertime people, lets get active! No more excuses, and I'm going over the user list tonight, eliminating anyone who is not active. So you better watch out.

For those of you who are remaining active, you're awesome. For the rest...yeah. I'm talking to you.
(I'm not a mean mod, really!!)

I am not worried, Harry (4) I am with you

Update [Monday
22nd, May 2006

[ mood | headache ]

Told you it was coming. Latest friends list update including the new Oliver journal.

Reminder, this list I provide is for you to copy into your account (instructions behind the cut) and it will add all your the friends for you.

Still flying...Collapse )

I am not worried, Harry (0) I am with you

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